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Welcome to the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Clubs Message Board. The Board is available to all of you to enjoy and exchange information. You do not have to be a club member to join this Board.

Please Read the Following before posting to this board!

1. Your comments and opinions are yours and not those of SCBBBC

2. This is a monitored Board.

3. Please only write posts that relate directly to fishing issues and the club.

4. Derogatory comments about each other WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Keep that at a personal level via your e-mail or telephone. We will edit the threads, if necessary, that we feel are not to the best interest of your fellow fisherperson.

5. Include your e-mail address with your posts. This allows for personal responses on issues that may need to be carried on outside the forum. Posts without e-mail addressing will be allowed. But if SCBBBC feels that we need to respond to the posters to discuss forum policies and cannot, we will remove the posts. This is our right in managing this site.

6. WATCH THE PROFANITY! It's not tolerated nor is personal attacks against other users!

7. Have fun!


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