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2014 Top 5
.1. J.Graves - 392
.2. M.Nyiri - 370
.3. D.Kozenko - 335
.4. S.Townsend - 230
.5. A.Duffany - 221
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Daniel Balaba Wins 2014 State Classic with 31 Pounds!

Well the 31st annual SCBBBC classic was a great success. There were 37 of the worlds best kick boaters that descended on the world famous Clear Lake looking for that huge bag of fish. The word around the lake was that the bite was tough and fishing very small. The weigh in on day one made this an obvious truth, with the leader (Deren Kozenko) at 14lbs and day ones big fish of 7lbs. With a lot of anglers scratching their heads about what to do on day 2 we all headed over to State Park for the barbecue and raffle. We want to say a special thank you to Mark & Laura Harrison and Sarah Duffany for all their hard work preparing food and all around help. The food was great and the raffle was as usual a lot of fun.

A big thanks to our sponsors OUTDOOR PROSHOPS first and foremost for their generous support not only this year but all the years past.HI's Tackle shop, Clear Lake Outdoors, Clear lake Bait and Tackle, CatchemCaro Baits, Little Creeper Baits, Matt Nyiri for the CamelBack and all the others who donated their gear and time to make it so special. When day 2 weigh in started there were obvious adjustments made and the weights had increased for those who found those fish that were hungry. Day one leader showed consistency and had a lead heading to the final angler, Daniel Balaba who's day one weight was only 8lbs.The tension mounted as he began to load his fish into the weigh bag. when the fish hit the scales he had a 4 fish limit of over 22lbs to win this years Classic with a total weight of 31.43. Second went to Deren Kozenko with 28.46 3rd going to Chris LaPoint 20.54, 4th Dave Sternitzke 19.56 and rounding out the top five was Mike Ayers at 18.63. Marcus Werner and Jon Graves also finished in the money. Big Fish Honors go to Deren Kozenko 7.00 and Rob Linden 6.89. Thanks to everyone for showing up and making this a great tournament. Andy Mercado.
Full Results and Pictures.

Jon Graves wins his forth tournament of the year as he aims for a second angler of the year title. Jon weighted in 5 for 15.56 and big fish of 5.05. Veteran Bill Sweatt showed he still has it and takes 2nd with 5 for 14.75. 3rd place went to Mr.Scbbbc himself Rich Caro with 5 for 14.68. 4th goes to Anthony Duffany with 5 for 13.99. 5th was Bihn Phi with 5 for 13.25. Give yourselves a hand for each and everyone's help on a very hard place to launch. Blue Lakes is worth it!

Next is the Classic at Clear Lake!

Full Results and Pictures.

Matt Nyiri Wins At Kings Island On The Delta!
19 Anglers showed up on the delta for the 6th tournament of the year. When it was all said and done it was Matt Nyiri able to hold off 2nd place finisher Scott by just a few ounces to win again this year at Kings Island. Matt had a 5 fish limit for 13.96 pounds. Matt gains 3 points on Jon in the Angler of the Year Race which just got alot closer. 2nd place and it was close was Scott Townsend with 5 for 13.40. 3rd went to Binh Phi with 5 for 9.87. 4th place goes to Jon Graves with 5 for 9.32 pounds. 5th was Rolando Villanueva with 4 for 9.23 pounds. Big fish was Joe Grulich with a nice 6.31 delta bass.
Full Results and Pictures.

Congratulations to all the top finishers.

Next up is Blue Lakes.

Marcus Werner is Best of the Best at Tournament of Champions!
Congratulations to Marcus Werner for his victory at this years TOC. Marcus took on this years 10 best anglers and beat them all! Pictures and Story.

2013 Angler of the Year – Matt Nyiri
Matt Nyiri claims this year’s most coveted award, Angler of the Year. Matt won 3 times this year and scored a total of 454 total points. Matt is now a 2 time AOY winner. Congratulations Mr. consistent Matt Nyiri

2013 Tournament of Champions - Marcus Werner
Marcus beat this years best in the club anglers with a solid two day limit of 30 plus pounds. Beat the best is so sweet!

2013 Rookie of the Year – Jason Cullen
Fishing his first full season as a Scbbbc member Jason Cullen wins the Rookie of the Year award. Congratulations Jason.

Top All Time Kickboat Tournament Leaders Latest update 1/1/14 Click Here! Last updade 1/6/2012 - Click Here!

2014 Club Officials


Andy Mercado
Vice President
Deren Kozenko

Tournament Director
Phil Ragueneau

T.D Assistant
Jon Graves
Mike Ayers
Mike Ayers

Marc Harrison

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