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2015 Standings
.1. M.Nyiri - 334
.2. M.Ayers - 330
.3. J.Cullen - 322
.4. J.Hoch -311
.5. S.Townsend - 310
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Mike Ayers Claims Victory at Highland Springs Lake!

8/22/15 - 17 anglers showed up for the 7th SCBBBBC tournament of the year at Beautiful Highland Spring Lake. Mike Ayers weighed in 4 for 16.03 lbs and took the trophy. Also tightening up the Angler of the Year race. 2nd place was Jon Graves with 4 for 13.12 lbs. holding on to his AOY lead in 3rd place was Matt Nyiri with 3 for 10.11 and Big fish weighing 5.96. 4th goes to High School Champ Mike Miller with 3 for 9.92 lbs. 5th was Binh Phi with 2 for 5.87 lbs. Congratulations to all the top finishers! Great day on this lake! Next up "The Classic" at Clear Lake! full results and Pictures

7/12/15 - Scott Townsend Wacks'em On The Delta for His First Win of the Season!

17 anglers came out to White Slough on the California Delta for a good old big fish shoot out. The second half of the SCBBBC season kicked off with Scott Townsend taking home the trophy. Scott weighed in 5 for 16.43 pounds for his first win of the season and putting him back in the AOY race. 2nd Place was big Dave Sternitzke with 5 for 14.19 and big fish of the day weighing 7.70 lbs. 3rd place was Chris Quinones with 3 for 13.60 lbs. 4th goes to Mike Ayers with 5 for 12.89. 5th was Matt Nyiri with 5 for 12.20 lbs.

Congratulations to all the top finishers. Next up is back to Highland Springs! Make sure you make the next meeting for a chance at a new Irod. full results and Pictures

6/13/15 - Team Quinones & Cahill Win Night Tournament on Lake Sonoma!

Ten teams started out at dusk till dawn for the annual SCBBBC night tournament. With the fog thick and blowing in over the hills with no moon in site for light, it was pitch black out there for sure. The team of Chris Quinones and Matt Cahill took first place with a limit of 5 for 13.87 just edging out the 2nd place team of Mike Ayers and Scott Townsend who had 5 for 13.17. 3rd place goes to Jacob Hoch and Dave Sternitzke with a limit of 5 and 11.67 lbs. Congratulations to all the top finishers!
full results and Pictures

2014 Angler of the Year – Jon Graves
Jon Graves claims this year’s most coveted award, Angler of the Year. Jon won 4 times this year and scored a total of 470 total points. Jon is now a 2 time AOY winner. Congratulations Ukiah Jon!

2014 Tournament of Champions - Deren Kozenko
Deren beat this years best in the club anglers with a solid two day limit of 25 plus pounds. Beating the best is so sweet!

2014 Rookie of the Year – Joe Grulich
Fishing his first full season as a Scbbbc member Joe Grulich wins the Rookie of the Year award. Congratulations Joe.

Top All Time Kickboat Tournament Leaders Latest update 1/1/14 Click Here! Last updade 1/6/2012 - Click Here!

2015 Club Officials


Rich Caro
Vice President
Deren Kozenko

Tournament Director
Mark Harrison

T.D Assistant
Scott Townsend
Mike Ayers
Mike Ayers

Marc Harrison

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