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Float Tube, Kickboat and Scbbbc in the News!


Here you'll find Publication's, News Articles, and Video all about Scbbbc and it's Members! Scbbbc is one of the most popular and publicized bass club in the USA!

Sonoma Magazine (March 2015)
SANTA ROSA, CA. - No Motors, No Gas. By John Beck
In the early 1980s, as bass fishermen were screaming across lakes all over America in sleek, expensive boats, a band of Luddites in Santa Rosa donned flippers and inflated inner tubes to fish Northern California lakes at a much slower pace, without the aid of motors or gasoline.
They called their group the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club.
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Bass Anglers Guide (June 2010)
SANTA ROSA, CA. - Kick Boat to Springtime Toads. By Rich Caro
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California Game & Fish (April 2009)
SANTA ROSA, CA. - WET FEET, Great kickbaot article written by past Scbbbc president Andy Parsons and published in California Game & Fish.
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Bass Times - Teaching Sponsor Development is Priority for Club (Federation Nation News march 2009)
SANTA ROSA, Ca. - Nation News - by Andy Crawford
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Bass Times: Float Tuber in Championship (Federation Nation News october 2008)
PENNGROVE, CA - Tournament Fishing is often perceived as a run-and-gun sport of fast, Flashy Boats, but one B.A.S.S Federation Nation Angler.........
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BASS TIMES: Belly Boat Bulletin (Federation Nation News June 2007)
SONOMA, CA - The Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club has come a long way since it was organized in 1983, and especially so with the peddle-powerd float tubes used by members.
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BASS TIMES: Special Permit (Federation Happenings March 2007)
SONOMA, CA. - While tournament bass boaters launch their rigs andspeed away from the ramp to faraway spots, the 40-plus members of the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club face different challenges when they launch their foot-powered float tubes on masive Clear Lake.
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B.A.S.S. Insider: Cover Story, Episode 2
Budget Bassin' (By Steve Price Bassmaster magazine senior writer March 15 2006)
For more than 30 years, bass fishing has been defined by the sleek, beautiful "bass boats" anglers use to pursue their quarry on lakes and rivers throughout America.There is no doubt these craft, with their speed, comfort, and their sophisticated electronic equipment have not only made fishermen more efficient but also made bass fishing itself more fun. As today's boats continually increase in size and cost, however, and as the fuel to run them also becomes more expensive, many bass fishermen are exploring alternative ways to enjoy their sport with a more limited budget.
Among the most popular alternatives are fishing from float tubes and kick boats, both of which actually offer several advantages over their larger bass boat cousins. Few anglers are as devoted to this style of fishing as California anglers Rich Caro and Todd Iwamoto. Twenty-two years ago Rich formed the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club, which, affiliated with the BASS Federation Nation, conducts tournaments on some of the same lakes where national Bassmaster events are conducted. Another nearby club, the San Jose Bass 'N Tubes, also conducts a regular tournament schedule. More with Pictures & Video or Check out the bassmaster gallery of Scbbbc here

Bass Insider (Bassmasters March 2006 by Craig Lamb)
A Kick in a Boat
California's Sonoma County Belly Bass Boat Club prides itself as a "poor man's bass club," and at first glance, that alias hits the mark. Wearing dive fins on their feet, club members quietly kick their legs back and forth while perched in every imaginable size and shape of inflatable boat, ranging from retrofitted tire inner tubes to tricked-out pontoon boats. What you will not see are guys zipping across the lake in sleek fiberglass bass powered by high performance outboard motors. Click Here For More with Pictures & here for direct link to bassmaster article

Bass Times (Dec 2005)
Club Pumps Up to Fish - Federation Spotlight
Inflation is the key to catching bass during Sonoma County Belly Boat BASS Club (SCBBBC) tournaments. These California anglers fish from U-shaped inflatable tubes and high-tech pontoon kick boats equipped with all the bells and whistles including sonar, GPS, livewells and running lights.
In October, the SCBBBC held its 19th Annual Clear Lake Invitational BASS Tournament at Clear Lake State Park in California. The winner of the tournament was Carson Riley of Windsor, Calif., with 27.22 pounds, and the biggest fish of the tournament was 7.75 caught by Bill Sweatt of Santa Rosa. In addition, SCBBBC was recently featured on ESPN2's BASS Tech, in which club president Rich Caro and pro anglers Gerald Swindle and Skeet Reese took a kick boat and added all the toys a bass angler would need for competing in a SCBBBC tournament."

Bass Tech - ESPN (July 2005)
Rich Caro Represents Scbbbc With Pro's Skeet Reese, Gerald Swindle And Others!
We ship this bad boy to Rich and he puts it to use immediately,
catching the fire out of some fish in Sonoma County, CA. He loves
the boat and is the envy of all his fellow club members. Seems he
can't wait to get started on his next project with the BASS Tech
boys…Click Here For More & Here to see Video

gerald swindle & rich caro
Rich Caro & Pro Gerald Swindle

Bassmaster (Feburary 2005)
Bellying up for Hunger
The Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club grabs the attention of Northern California anglers whenever it’s members slip into there inflatable crafts into bass fisheries nestled in the heart of wine county. Lately, the club has grabbed the attention of the Redwood Empire Food Bank affiliated with the national Second Harvest Food Bank program. Club Members volunteer their time to pack canned-food goods for distribution to area senior citizens and low-income families with needy, hungry children. They also held canned-food drives to help out. And when a pledge challenge was issued by a local winery, the club stepped up to the challenge by pledging to raise $1,000 for the cause. ”Fisherman often do not get enough attention for the good they do,” says Redwood’s Jean Larson. “Here’s a perfect example of how they do more then go fishing. We wish there were more clubs like this one.”

SCBBBC on ESPN (December 12, 2004)
We will try to have the video up as soon as we get it! you don't want to miss this huge event for our club.
Check back here for more news as it happens!

Bass Club Digest (postspawn 2004)
SCBBBC Club Profile
Rich Caro of the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club helps Bass Club Digest do a club profile for there magazine! Note:you will need adobe acrobat to read this article. If you don't have it click here If you do have it or you are unsure just click here

California Game & Fish (may 2004 issue by Andy Parsons)
SCBBBC'r Andy Parson's Article in CG&F
Long time SCBBBC member Andy Parson's tells about lake County's hidden bass and where you can find them. Note:you will need adobe acrobat to read this article. If you don't have it click here If you do have it or you are unsure just click here

Bassmaster (Nov 2003 issue)
Bellying Up For Good Deeds
....Click Here For Full Article
The Sonoma County Belly Boat BASS Club, Located in the heart of northern California wine country, calls itself a "poor man's bass club" because it's 41 members do not go fishing in sleek fiberglass fishing rigs. On the flip side, the club is rich in community service, having raised $3,300 in a tournament to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. On other occasions, the club has gone fishing, sans rod and reels, for garbage left behind at area lakes. Other regular activities include raising money for local charities, Including Valley of the Moon Children's Home. As its name implies, this unique club fishes from float tubes, including tournaments.

Fish Sniffer (Nov28 2003 issue by daniel O'sullivan)
Belly Boaters Invade Clear Lake
Forty three bass anglers ventured out on to the famed waters of California's Clear Lake on the weekend of October 19. However, on this weekend, the biggest tournament on the lake would not be dominated by high-powered bass boats with screaming outboard engines. Instead, the power would be supplied by the legs of human beings, and the tournament organization was the Sonoma County Belly Boat Club.

California CITGO Bassmaster Western Open(Clear Lake Oct 23-25 2003)
SCBBBC'r Take's Third In Open
Scbbbc club member Todd Iwamoto (san jose) finishes 3rd in the the Amateur Division of the CITGO Western Open with 15 Bass for 34-08 lbs.

Bassmaster (july 2003 issue)
Scbbbc club member Patrick Wilson wins CITGO Amateur Division
Patrick Wilson (petaluma) Claimed top honors with four bass weighing 10-3. It was Wilson's 19th tournament as an "amateur," and his fourth victory. Fishing with pros Shaw Grigsby, Byron Velvick, and Dean Rojas, he caught his bass by drop shotting.

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