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Big Bass
Club Record

Noah Stevens breaks the club record at Lake Berryessa with a 11.94 lb Largemouth Feburary 7, 2009. "We decided to work our way down hitting points. As we made it to one of the last points I casted a brown beaver jig with a 420 sweet beaver out in to the middle of the two points. I let it sit for a second and then lifted my rod tip, she crushed it. I set the hook twice and she started running. She start taking line on me and at first i was thinking it was a good smallie, then she showed he dome. It was freakin huge, I tried to keep her down and let her tire out. I had always been told that if you can put your fist in its mouth it is going to 10 pounds, that was not an issue. Once I got her in I think most Berryessa and Napa county heard me shout. What a day! My hands were shaking for a good hour"

noah stevens scbbbc club record bass  11.94lbs record

2nd, Rich Caro caught our club record bass, an 11.82 lb behemoth, at Highland Springs Reservoir on April 26, 2003. The lunker went for a black & chartreuse Stanley jig. The other fish in the photo
went a mere 7.19 lbs.

Big Bass Record

3rd, Ray Skye caught an 11.28 lb monster, at Santa Rosa's Spring Lake in June 1999. The whopper went for a junebug-colored Mann's Mosquito Hawk (nowadays called a Dragin Lizard(?)).

2nd place

Top 10 All Time Club Big Bass!

1. Noah Stevens - 11.94 - Lake Berryessa 2009
2. Rich Caro - 11.82 - Highland 2003
3. Ray Skye - 11.28 - Spring Lake 1999
4. Randy kidd - 10.53 - Cal Delta 2009
5. David Pham - 9.65 - Spring Lake 2004
6. Andy Parsons - 9.65 - Clear Lake 2002
7. Andy Parsons - 9.57 - Clear Lake 2001
8. Kevin Marcheschi - 9.38 - Blue Lakes 2000
9. Randy Kidd - 9.28 - Cal Delta 2009
10. DJ Von Bima - 9.19 - Cal Delta 2009

More Club Records

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